#063 – Playtime

063 - Playtime

No no no no no


#061 – Bedbugs

061 - Bedbugs


#057 – Dreidel

057 - Dreidel

Seasons and time are inconsistent but I think it’s around Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa now.

#054 – A.I.

054 - AI

Can we just pause for a moment to agree that A.I. is a terrible movie? Alright? In accord? Yes.

We haven’t seen the Dieters at a movie since the first episode, so it was nice to go back to that…

The genesis of this came from a conversation with my friend Bryan about Haley Joel Osment. He looks like a potato that someone brought to life. No hate because he’s probably somewhat a nice person but, seriously, animated spud.

#039 – Parallels

039 - Parallels

I don’t quite know why Brunnhilde’s head is so skinny here. Whoops. Artist error.